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Erica Pico System III Desktop Modular Synthesizer

Erica Pico System III Desktop Modular Synthesizer

常规价格 ¥4,399.00 CNY
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Erica Synths Pico System III is affordable, compact, yet powerful sounding, full analogue modular system. It comes in two formats – eurorack and desktop.

Erica Synths Pico System III是一套价格亲民、品质精巧、可玩性强的全模拟电路模块合成器系统。共有两个版本 – Eurorack版本和桌面版本(桌面版本也兼容Eurorack系统,只是自带外壳和电源,免去了配Eurorack电源盒的烦恼)。


2-3-4 step sequencer
2x VCOs
VCO controller/VCA module
several mixers that work both with CV and audio signals
Modulator (syncable LFO, random CV and noise source)
2x voltage controlled ASR envelope generators
2x resonant lowpass gates
BBD delay

PICO SEQ2:步长可选2/3/4段的步进音序器模块
PICO VCO*2:两块VCO振荡器模块
PICO VCO CTRL:VCO振荡器附加调制模块,也可兼作VCA信号放大器
PICO MIX*3:三块用于混合CV信号与音频信号的信号混合模块
PICO MOD:可输出与LFO速率同步的控制信号、随机CV信号或噪声信号的调制模块
PICO VC EG*2:两块由压控信号控制的ASR包络生成模块
PICO LPG*2:两块可调共振强度的低通门限模块
PICO BBD:BBD风格滤波效果器模块


Pico System III brings modular synthesis back to the basics – the system has multi functional (instead of single-function, like Pico Drums or Pico Trigger in the Pico System II) analogue modules and is intended to encourage creativity in modular patching.

Pico System III传承了模块化合成系统中自由探索的精神 – 该系统集成了功能丰富的模拟模块(与Pico System II中功能单一的Pico Drums或Pico Trigger模块相反),鼓励用户在合成器接线过程中释放创意。

The system has 31 inputs and 20 outputs (master output is duplicated) + 7 switches; if you have enough patch cables at your disposal, you can patch the system in 121000931215044250740178662400 or 1.21x1029 variations (we ignored the possibility to adjust potentiometers here). Even though only 0,0001% of all patches will sound more-less enjoyable, you and all your future generations can spend a lifetime only patching the Pico System III.


Voice-cards with preset patches set it apart from other eurorack systems – they allow user to change patches instantly and radically, which makes the system well suited for experimental live performances. The system comes with 5 great sounding “factory preset” voice-cards, and 5 DIY voice-cards that are empty and users can develop their own patches. More voice-cards will be available from Erica Synths shop.

该系统与标准Eurorack模块系统的最大区别就在于其配备了预设音色的音色卡 – 只需拔插音色卡,就能快速且彻底地切换音色预设,因此该设备非常适合进行试验性的现场演出。系统本身配有5张“烧录”了悦耳音色的“原厂预设”音色卡,并且还附送5张可DIY的空白音色卡,供用户根据需求“烧录”音色。如果感觉10张音色卡还不够用,请随时联系客服加购!

Pico System III comes both as a desktop unit and a eurorack module. It features a set of modules for advanced sound design, experiments in modular patching and educational purposes.

Pico System III共有两个版本,分别是桌面版本和Eurorack版本。其精选的模块组合不仅便于深入探索声音设计的无限可能,更适用于模块化设备的接线实验以及合成器教学。

What do you get? |包装内容

Desktop unit:20 patch cables, 1 Hosa stackable cable, PSU, 5 factory preset & 5 DIY voice-cards, user manual and patch note sheets

Eurorack module: 1 Hosa stackable cable, ribbon power cable, 5 factory preset & 5 DIY voice-cards, user manual and patch note sheets

* 20条跳线(patch cables)
* 1条Hosa可叠插跳线(Hosa stackable cable)
* 电源适配器(PSU)
* 5张原厂预设音色卡(5 factory preset voice-cards)
* 5张可自由焊接音色卡(5 DIY voice-cards)
* 用户手册(user manual)
* 可绘制的空白接线表(patch note sheets)

* 1条Hosa可叠插跳线(Hosa stackable cable)
* Eurorack规格束带式供电线(ribbon power cable)
* 5张原厂预设音色卡(5 factory preset voice-cards)
* 5张可自由焊接音色卡(5 DIY voice-cards)
* 用户手册(user manual)
* 可绘制的空白接线表(patch note sheets)

Technical specifications|技术规格

Audio signal levels 10Vptp
CV signal levels (full span) -5V - +5V
Sequencer CV output range 0 - +5V
VCO tune range C0 - E7
LFO rate 0.21Hz - 20Hz
VC EG attack time 0...3''
VC EG release time 0...4.2''
Max BBD delay time 400ms
Panel width 42 HP
Power consumption 175mA@+12V,112mA@-12V


Pico System III (eurorack) is named the best eurorack module of 2019 - Bo Beats

Pico System III (eurorack)是2019年最佳Eurorack模块 – Bo Beats

Perfect for beginners or anyone wanting a lot of functionality in a small space. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Pico System III to anyone considering embarking on a modular journey. It will make an excellent gateway into the world of analogue modular. The value for money is incredible. When you divide the cost by the effective number of modules you receive, it works out around £30 per module. If you enjoy a bit of DIY tinkering, the voice-cards may make it a unique proposition too. Overall, it’s another miniature winner from Erica Synths. - Sound On Sound

该产品非常适合初学者以及对便携性和功能性有需求的用户。我推荐所有想要接触模块化合成器的新手都从Pico System III开始,它绝对是最佳入门设备。该设备性价比超高,把成本分摊到每一个模块的话,相当于每个模块只卖30英镑。如果您喜欢DIY,那么音色卡也可以算作是其一大特色。总之,这是Erica Synths公司推出的另一款绝佳便携设备。 - Sound On Sound

The Pico System III is a completely analog modular system with 13 Pico modules and preset memory. The good selection of modules allows a large number of patches and is ideal for learning analogue synthesis. The Pico System III is small and above all cheap, which makes it a modular synthesizer for everyone. – Bonedo

Pico System III是一套完全采用模拟电路的模块化合成系统,包含13块来自Pico系列的单块以及能够存储音色的音色卡。该系统中选用的模块均是多面手,可以捏制出取之不尽的音色,是学习模块合成的理想设备。Pico System III体积精巧、价格亲民,是适用于所有音乐从业者的模块化合成器系统。 - Bonedo