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Roland AIRA Compact T-8 Beat Machine 节奏鼓机

Roland AIRA Compact T-8 Beat Machine 节奏鼓机

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Create infectious tracks in seconds flat with the T-8 Beat Machine, a miniature rhythm factory loaded with legendary Roland TR drums plus bass from the inimitable TB-303. Craft on-the-fly acid jams or trap bangers with the intuitive 16-step sequencer, shape sounds with onboard controls, and flip and dice beats with hands-on tools that stimulate ideas and put the fun back into your flow.

使用 T-8 Beat Machine 能迅速创作出律动感十足的音轨。这台微型节奏工厂预装了传奇的 Roland TR 鼓机和经典的 TB-303 贝斯音色。使用直观的 16 步步进音序器即兴制作 Trap 和实时演奏,使用板载控制器为音色塑形,并使用方便上手的工具对整体节奏进行处理。


Build beats with the boom, pop, and sizzle of sounds from the TR-808, TR-909, and TR-606 drum machines, paired with the shapeshifting low end of the dynamic TB-303 Bass Line. The T-8 exudes classic Roland character, thanks to the same Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) tech found in the TR-8S, TB-3, and other high-end AIRA gear.

使用充满律动的 TR-808、TR-909 和 TR-606 鼓机中的经典音色,搭配动态十足的 TB-303 贝斯编写节奏。T-8 采用了和 TR-8S、TB-3 等其他高端 AIRA 设备相同的模拟电路行为 (ACB) 技术,彰显经典的 Roland 个性。


Loaded with comprehensive I/O, the T-8 is ready to be the rhythmic centerpiece of any electronic music setup. Connect and sync with other AIRA Compacts like the J-6 Chord Synthesizer and E-4 Voice Tweaker. Or interface with computer DAWS, mobile music apps, and hardware instruments via USB-C or MIDI.

搭配全面的 I/O 接口,T-8 已准备好成为电子音乐 Setup 的节奏核心。与 J-6 和弦合成器和 E-4 人声效果器等其他 AIRA Compacts 系列产品连接并同步。或通过 USB-C 或 MIDI 接口与计算机 DAW、移动端音乐 App 和乐器硬件连接。


The T-8 features six drum tracks and one bass track brought together with a friendly interface for fast recording and hands-on tweaks. Capture and fire off 64 patterns with up to 32 steps each, and shape sounds and control parts as you go with an array of dedicated knobs and buttons.

T-8 带来了 6 个鼓音轨和 1 个贝斯音轨。方便快捷的操作面板可用于快速录音和手动操控。64 种节奏样式 Pattern 可供随时调用和录制,每个 Pattern 最多支持 32 步,并支持使用一系列专用控制器实时塑造音色。


Backed by the TR-REC step sequencer loved by beatmakers since the 1980s, the T-8 makes it simple to develop ideas without ever stopping the action. Real-time recording, sub steps, and velocity further expand the programming power at your fingers. And with deep features like step loop, pattern shift, and probability, it’s easy to deliver dynamic performances with constantly evolving grooves.

有了自 80 年代以来深受 BeatMaker 音乐人喜爱 TR-REC 步进式音序器的强大功能,T-8 可以轻松在节奏行进中不断加入灵感而无需停顿。实时录制、Sub-Steps 和力度响应设置更进一步拓展了指尖的节奏编辑能力。更有 Step 循环、Pattern 切换和随机生成等深度功能,可以轻松带来不断变化的律动和动态十足的演绎。


The T-8 delivers an authentic TB-303 bass experience, including the tactile power to squeeze, squelch, and mangle sounds in the moment. Record notes, accents, and slides with traditional step-based input, or play in parts live with the bottom-row buttons or an external MIDI keyboard.

T-8 带来了 TB-303 的真实操控体验,包括 Squeeze、Squelch 和 Mangle 音色的冲击力。使用传统的步进输入录制音符、重音和滑音,或使用底排按钮和外部 MIDI 进行键盘现场演奏。


Create grit, space, and vibe with the T-8’s high-quality effects. Dirty up rhythms and bass with some meaty overdrive, and keep the beats pumping with sidechain compression. And with dedicated delay and reverb knobs, you can add all sorts of spatial colors to grooves as you perform.

使用 T-8 的高品质效果创造空间和氛围。用丰富的过载让节奏和低音充满颗粒感和浑浊感,并通过侧链压缩保持节拍稳定。借助专用的延迟和混响旋钮,您可以在演奏时为律动添加丰富的空间效果。


Instilling big sound in an ultra-compact instrument, the T-8 lets you play and perform wherever and whenever you please. The lithium-ion battery keeps you going for up to 4.5 hours per charge, and rugged Roland build quality will fuel beatmaking adventures for years to come.

T-8 将强劲的性能集成到小巧轻便的机身之中,可以随时随地进行演奏和播放。锂电池续航长达 4.5 小时,Roland 高品质的制造质量让 T-8 节奏机陪伴您进行持久的音乐探索。