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Welcome to the world of sound of LYRA-8, the unique organismic analogue synthesizer designed by Vlad Kreimer. “Organismic” means that LYRA uses some principles that lie in the base of living organisms. The way how LYRA’s modules interacting between each other and the behaviour of the instrument resembles a live conversation.

有请由Vlad Kreimer 先生设计的“organismic”风格模拟合成器 - LYRA-8闪亮登场✨✨✨。我们选用“organismic”这个词语描述LYRA,是因为该合成器采用了一些基于生物体的理念。LYRA中各个模块之间相互依存相互影响的工作方式很像是一个有灵魂的生物。

LYRA-8 is based on eight generators, which will be referred to as voices. Their design is not like a traditional subtractive synthesis VCO. Instead of having a linear or logarithmic dependency on control voltage, they resemble the tone generators in old electric organs. Hence the use of the term “voices” instead of “VCOs”. Lyra uses non-linearity a lot, and the voices are constructed in such a way that allows for non-linearity to express itself.

物如其名,LYRA-8中声音的源头来自于其内部的八块发声器,我们称之为“Voices”(音调发声器)。这八块发声器的工作原理不同于传统减法合成器中的VCO(Voltage-controlled Oscillator /压控振荡器)。因为它们并不像“VCO”那样以非常规矩的线性或对数形式响应控制电压,而是更像老式电风琴中的音调发声器。由此我们选用了“Voices”一词,而非“VCO”。Lyra中充斥着大量非线性的声音处理方式,且音调发声器的构造方式使得Lyra非常擅于表达非线性的声音。

The voices are divided into four pairs (12, 34, 56, 78). All the pairs are divided in two groups, with two pairs in each (1234, 5678), creating tree-like structure.

八块音调发声器被分为四对 (12,34,56,78) 两组 (1234,5678),呈树状结构分布。

The voices can function either in an electric organ mode or in an FM synthesis mode with each of the voices and its envelope acting as a separate FM operator. The voice’s impact on FM synthesis will decrease along with the decay of its envelope.

这些音调发声器既可以在电风琴模式下运行,也可以在FM(frequency modulation,频率调制)合成模式下运行,每个音调发声器及其包络都可作为单独的FM 发音体使用。音调发声器对频率的调制量由音调发声器的包络强度决定。

LYRA-8 also has the next blocks|LYRA-8其他模块详解

The HYPER LFO is a complex low-frequency generator, whose waveform is synthesized from two simple LFOs by summation or multiplication of their frequencies. It also has a sync mode. The LFO can modulate the selected pairs of voices and the MOD DELAY.

LYRA-8中的HYPER LFO是一款功能复杂的低频振荡器,其输出波形由两个简单的低频振荡器的波形相加或相乘而得。LFO带有同步模式。可用于调制成对的音调发声器,或调制MOD DELAY延迟效果器的延迟时间参数。

The MOD DELAY consists of two lines of delay with cross-feedback and a special architecture that enables resonance between the two lines. Each line’s delay time can be individually modulated from various sources, including external ones. The delay has a unique possibility of self-modulation where the output signal modulates the delay sample rate, creating cool effects.

MOD DELAY延迟效果器由两条交叉反馈的延迟线构成,其特殊的构造使得两条延迟线之间会产生共振。两条延迟线的延迟时间均支持使用其自身的输出信号,或外部调制信号进行调制。MOD DELAY使用自身的输出信号调制延迟采样率的自我调制功能非常有趣,能够实现极具创意的处理效果。

The DISTORTION is last in the chain, after the delay. It enables the delay to also influence the distortion.


For all its experimental character, LYRA is a professional instrument. Its output dynamics and frequency response are balanced and ready for a live performance or studio recording without any additional processing.


Also available DIY VERSION.


Also, you could order a hand-painted LYRA-8 with an exclusive design. More info is here. Available only from SOMA RU.


✿ Max output voltage: 2 v 0-to-peak
✿ Output connector: mono 6.3 mm TS or TRS (balanced) jack
✿ Output resistance: 100 Ohm
✿ EXT IN: 1 v 0-to-peak
✿ EXT IN connector: 6.3 mm TS jack
✿ HOLD GATE: full HOLD volume +5 V
✿ HOLD GATE connector: 6.3 mm TS jack
✿ CV DELAY : unipolar, range of 0 to +5 volt
✿ CV DELAY connector: 6.3 mm TS jack
✿ CV VOICES: unipolar, range of 0 to +5 volt
✿ CV VOICES connector: 6.3 mm TS jack
✿ Power supply: stabilised, +12 V, 0.2 A, centre positive
✿ Power Consumption: 2 watt
✿ Dimensions: 266 x 266 x 62 mm
✿ Weight (without power supply and packaging): 2.5 kg