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SOMA LABORATORY RoAT Rumble of Ancient Times 模拟 噪音合成器

SOMA LABORATORY RoAT Rumble of Ancient Times 模拟 噪音合成器

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Rumble of Ancient Times (RoAT) is an 8-bit noise synthesizer and sequencer inspired by the clever programming of the early PC era when an entire video game would fit on a floppy disk. RoAT is capable of a wide variety of sounds ranging from dense noise scapes to diverse glitching rhythmic patterns. The compact and portable instrument contains many elements that can be combined into surprising musical results.

在个人电脑刚刚流行的年代,设计师们纷纷发挥巧思,创造出了许多高效的编程方案,其中令我深感启发的是使用一张软盘装下整套电子游戏的惊人操作。我们以此为灵感,设计了一款可独立使用的8-Bit噪声合成器及音序器——“Rumble of Ancient Times/远古之韵” (RoAT)。RoAT虽然小巧便携,内部却大有乾坤,包含多种音乐制作所需的元素,能够生成各式各样的声音并捏制别具一格的声效,可用于制作丰富的噪声氛围音乐亦或纷繁复杂的故障律动乐句。

The “heart” of the synthesizer contains 4 sound oscillators, each with a tunable waveform and an individual LFO, which can modulate the tone or volume of the oscillator. The modulated signal of each oscillator is mixed with other signals using 1,536 variations of complex summing algorithms that contain FM, ring modulation, bitwise logical operations and more.


The synth contains an 8-bit resonant lowpass filter with a distinct Lo-Fi character.

The built-in sequencer can be synced to an external device and also send clock out.

RoAT is battery powered and can work up to 130 hours on one set of AAA batteries.



RoAT采用四块AAA (7号) 电池供电,一组电池可持续供电130小时

Rumble of Ancient Times is built on a very simple 8-bit microcontroller similar to the ones used in the “brains” of old refrigerators and other simple electronic devices. Thanks to some very clever programming, it’s also able to drive a very capable synth with many features!

Rumble of Ancient Times/远古之韵(RoAT)合成器采用了一块非常简单的8-bit微控制器,类似于老式电冰箱及其他简易电子设备中使用的微控制器。但是,我们通过巧妙的编程方案,将这种微控制器改造为了一块拥有众多实用功能的高性能合成器!

In stark contrast to modern consumer electronics, this synth celebrates and emphasizes what can be achieved with efficiency of code and using chips considered obsolete by industry leaders. We live in an age where text editors can be 1GB or more and simple things like checking email require the latest OS and powerful processing, despite the core tasks being no different than 15 years ago with a fraction of the computational power.


So RoAT proposes a new kind of ecological thinking with the innovative use of chips that were developed and produced decades ago, instead of turning them into millions of tons of trash. We can still use technology that the industry forced us to consider obsolete, with the added benefit here of extremely low power consumption. It’s an environmentally friendlier approach than galloping in the rush of planned obsolescence that damages our planet and wastes precious resources.


Rumble of Ancient Times was designed and programmed by Kakos Nonos, a new creative mind who joined the SOMA development team. His very unique style of building electronic musical instruments combines quality craftsmanship, advanced programming and a love for medieval acoustic instruments such as gusli, wheeled lyre and bagpipes.

Rumble of Ancient Times/远古之韵(RoAT)合成器由SOMA开发团队的新晋创意人才Kakos Nonos设计并编程。Nonos开发的电子乐器总有其独特风味,RoAT也不例外。RoAT融合了高质量的制造工艺、前卫的编程技术以及中世纪原声乐器的音色特质(例如古斯里、轮式七弦琴和风笛)。


RoAT uses a PCB as the top panel. The PCBs are produced in an electronics factory using standard production procedures. Due to this, the PCBs may have minor scratches and marks inherent to the manufacturing process. Such small defects will be almost invisible in most cases without a close inspection and will not be accepted as a reason for return or exchange of the product! Obviously, we discard all seriously damaged or defective PCBs and don’t use them for RoAT.